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Speed up your work! Accelerates your work on a computer. Allows you to automate all routine and periodic actions such as software installation, disks burning, system service, program launching, backup & restore, etc. Automate your work with any programs. Record an exact reproduction your work. Unattended Installation Software. UnitedSetup will automatically install all the applications you require, either onto your original computer or onto a new one. It's an ideal solution for rebuilding your systems quickly! Install Unattended! With UnitedSetup, you can create an automatic installation disk. The user only selects the necessary programs and UnitedSetup does the rest:

  • starts installation packages one by one
  • clicks buttons in them, such as: Next, Yes, etc.
  • selects checkboxes and radio buttons, such as: I agree...
  • enters usernames, serial numbers, etc. All operations are carried out automatically without user intervention. There are three automatic installation methods available in UnitedSetup:
  • Automatically searching for and processing user interface elements in the installer.
  • Recording and then reproducing the user's actions performed in the installer.
  • Applying the silent installation key (silent key) supported by the installer. UnitedSetup consists of two parts: administrator and user. The disk compiler uses the administrator part to specify all necessary parameters for each installer. The user part looks like a stylish autorun tool where you can select the software you need and automatically install it. UnitedSetup allows you to save up to 75% of the time usually required for software installation.

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